The Corridor

by Proyect? Moone Jazzers

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A sinister vision of the future, described in apocalyptic poetry with menacing instrumentals as the background. A show of non-compromising authenticity, a mysterious musician with a unique vision, with a will to experiment and shock the listener on every curve.
Mixture of lo-fi aesthetic with DIY spirit and unlimited imagination and imagery.

From the author:

"Somewhere in this cursed planet there is an alley, like so many others, and not many it is lightless, unkissed by the sun's embrace, paint pains the walls and the bricks are old a million years. At its end a wall stares at you, ancient, yet so new and vibrant that has no life to it. It offers you solace for your tired feet and you lean into The Corridor. You can try and devise its end, but the echoes of your breath will be the answer you get.

As soon as you enter The Key comes to you, a metallicbone key that whispers secrets of unknown. There are doors. Facing one another, and above them there are lights, old light bulbs, some have their casing broken, others closed their eyes long ago, and some are alive, yet fickle in their life, like a candle by the wind. Curiosity is ever-present and you open the first door, it is stuck, and swollen by the humidity, you push one last time and it opens to you. The panorama that is displayed is that that you suffer from looking at it, disease and death are king and queen here, this is your city, in A future.

You realize, after seeing another door's view that this corridor's doors show you what may lie ahead of mankind, the various future that we may be driving into, and it all hangs in your, our next course of action. Close to The End Of The Corridor you see a shadow, something you can't really put your fingers on, it is like a black liquid that haunts an area of this space between spaces. Who may it be, this awkward guardian of The Corridor? You, my listener know already who he is, as I now tell you he has blood upon his hands and body... Guess who, now guards your future... "

Proudly published on Underpolen Netlabel, home of out-of-the box DIY acts of all genres:


released February 29, 2012



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Proyect? Moone Jazzers

A mysterious musician from somewhere in Europe, who contacted Underpolen netlabel in 2011 and after releasing a string of atmospheric, lo-fi albums, either full of ethereal piano melodies, or conceptual avant-garde soundscapes, vanished without a trace. ... more

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